A Dangerous Trio

We have just come across this stencil at one of the alleys in İstiklal Avenue, Beyoğlu district of Istanbul. It is very striking as the trinity that is depicted in the stencil are obviously dangerous, if you put them together in one square.


The danger is about what they can do, if they are on the same team working for the same cause…

From left to right: Fethullah Gülen (a religous leader and business mogul), Tayyip Erdoğan (prime minister) and Abdullah Gül (president)

It is written above in Turkish: “Tehlikenin farkında mısınız?” and below in English: “Did you realize the danger?” (both from left to right)

Let’s remember the other trio that I have mentioned a while ago. That was an interesting trio, not a dangerous one.mini

I see things that are not there--yet.

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