beer declares the end of history

Last year, I have introduced here an extraordinary and outstanding brewery from Scotland that made unique beers and aged them in a ship aboard. Now, they have taken their marketing strategy one step further.

Yesterday, Brew Dog declared that their new beer has brought the history to an end: they made a 55% alcoholic beer, which is inserted into taxidermied rodents. One bottle of this beer costs approximately $750. Therefore, they claim that they have the strongest and most expensive beer in the world.

It looks like their unprecedented marketing strategy will generate much attention not only from beer lovers, design freaks, marketing gurus and ad people, but also from animal rights activists, anti-alcohol institutions, human rights defenders and others. Therefore, I can say that this is a very effective marketing strategy because it generates not only brand visibility and awareness, but also creates a buzz that will not end quickly. And apparently, the idea of a beer that was aged on a ship aboard did not work.

I see things that are not there--yet.