mocumentary: the majestic plastic bag

Heal the Bay is an NGO, which is dedicated to improve the condition of Santa Monica Bay that was treated like a dumpster of the region.

They did it for those who simply wanted to swim, fish or surf safely in clean water. And they did it for the marine life that was suffering from some of the highest levels of contamination found anywhere along our nation’s coastline.

Since 1985, they have won very significant victories in legal terms that helped better the condition of the bay, including the Clean Water Act.

They have broadcasted a mocumentary very recently, which is narrated by Academy Award Winning actor Jeremy Irons, that

tracks the “migration” of a plastic bag from a grocery store parking lot to the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” in the Pacific Ocean.

It is extremely influential to learn the hardships that a plastic bag experiences on the grand path until the final destination. Poor, poor bag.

I see things that are not there--yet.