social blindness: we be the sheep

Lost in our deep thoughts about work, interactive communication, politics, etc. in our daily life, we walk around in the city as if we are in a transcendental trip. Therefore, we generally do not recognize the ‘little things” around us in our social and urban environment.

That makes me think of an invisible labyrinth that we roundabout every day–to find a new route back home each day. But, are we missing something very obvious and very important on the way? I think we might. We only need to look around more carefully.

Personally, I did not know that people were that absent minded. Sometimes, I experience this in my personal life: I ask a friend that I walk together with if s/he has seen the very odd thing that happens a few meters away from us–and that person has no idea about it. But I have seen it–and some other people. I have always been astonished about their blindness. About how they do not see a thing around them. One of them answered, I am not interested in anything that happens around; I look at stores’ displays; they are more interesting.

If you keep looking around like a blind man does–no offense to the blind–you can’t go much further. Actually, I believe that most of the blind “see” a lot more than most of us.

Watch the video of a social experiment, which was taken in New York City, showing us an ordinary  person, who shapes the pedestrian traffic as he wishes. And he molds it easily. Social obedience lets us do things easily. Ah, the simplicity of social life, I love it.

This is prepared by Rune Madsen, Scott Wayne Indiana, Nien Lam and Nikolas Psaroudakis.

I see things that are not there--yet.