new soldiers: innovative recruitment

Swedish Armed Forces launched an advertising campaign, which is prepared by DDB Stockholm, in order to attract more people to join the army. The  campaign, in itself, is a pre-test for the potential applicants that contains a number of psychological, motivational and mental tests as well as psycho-motor tests before they can access the application form.

Hereof ad campaign effort takes my attention probably more than many of my European and American compatriots since (apart from the military education that I received at the Air Force Academy) I live in a country in which it is compulsory for every male citizen to fulfill a national service of at least six months in the armed forces, regardless of his mental, psychological, physical and other crucial abilities or disabilities. Therefore, we probably have the most cumbersome armed forces in the region, which causes it to have a great deal of casualties annually.

This effort by the Swedish Armed Forces should be a precedent for all armed forces in the world for recruiting their soldiers. It is not enough for them to be desperate for money and have the guts to make it by killing people–they have to understand the idea behind it.

I see things that are not there--yet.