[Communicating the Museum] #StreetArtistanbul presentation

In the first week of September, I was part of a conference called Communicating the Museum, which gathered more than 350 professionals from 27 countries, to make a presentation on a project that we launched almost four years ago.

Communicating the Museum is a conference that brings together hundreds of museum communication professionals from all over the world and this year it had very special experiences prepared. It is said, on their website that the event is widely recognized as a rare opportunity for peers from across the globe to meet, exchange ideas, be inspired by experts from outside industries and be updated on current issues and trends. This year it was organized in Istanbul.

I am going to tell you about my presentation on #StreetArtistanbul, which is a collective online archive on street art in Istanbul.


I want to begin with #StreetArtistanbul. This is a collective online archive on street art in Istanbul, which we have launched, as a GriZine initiative, on January 2nd 2012. Since then 1436 days has passed and it makes 3 years, 11 months, 6 days including today. And by today, there are 18,929 photos that have been gathered in this collective online archive.

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What is #StreetArtistanbul?

It is a movement to archive street art works in Istanbul and to create a collective archive for these works before they disappear. Because street art is ephemeral and it is either cleaned out or drawn over rather quickly. So, we initiated this collective movement to archive them and gather in one place, thus we would have 1) a central resource for global audience who’d like to observe street art in Istanbul and learn more about the contemporary phenomenon and 2) an archive that would reflect the transformation of street art in Istanbul throughout history.

How does it work?

It is pretty simple: whenever you see a street art work, you take a photo, upload it to Instagram using #StreetArtistanbul hashtag and your photo has been automatically added to our archive at StreetArtistan.orgIt is down for the moment, we’ll let you know when we launch it again.

The online archive not only archives photos, but also provides their location on the map, so that you can go and see them if they are still there 🙂 We are working on it with Rolakosta and we’ll launch platform sometime at the beginning of 2016.

Renovation Tarlabasi

I have made this presentation as part of “Curating on Social Media” session, in which I was together with MoMA representatives. Gretchen Scott and Rebecca Stokes made a great presentation on MoMA’s #ArquiMoMA project, which was also an online archiving project that they have partnered with Instagram.

All presentation videos and presentations are uploaded on Communicating the Museum web page. I do recommend that you check out the keynote speeches and other presentations at the conference, almost all of which were inspiring and insightful for the future of museum communications.

You can watch my presentation here:

You can find the presentation for your consideration by clicking on this link. 

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By the end of the conference, there was also a special “street art walk” organized by Art Walk Istanbul and Mural Istanbul, which gave participants a view about how street art in Istanbul is developing and how street artists create an urban canvas to reflect their thoughts on the walls.

Mural Istanbul is a significant example and a case to study to show us how street artists and municipalities can collaborate and work on creating social good. They are organizing the Mural Istanbul Festival in collaboration with Kadiköy Municipality each year, inviting local and international street artists in order to make murals on designated walls and facades of buildings. For instance, Kadıköy Municipality asked them to make a mural on the facade of the municipality headquarters. It’s interesting especially if you consider that many other municipalities consider street artists as symbols of vandalism and paint over their work.

police chase children

As part of my profession, I am very curious and interested in initiating collective movements. I am working on new projects and campaigns to initiate collective movements and action in terms of other fields that will create social good, social benefit. In this way, so if you are targeting to create this kind of communication projects, feel free to check pakt insight+imagination agency website and get in touch with us.

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