Baldacci Makes You Believe

The Whole Truth
The Whole Truth

This photo was taken in the subway going downtown from uptown at New York City someday in April, 2008. It was quite interesting to see the conspiracy theory becoming a kitsch part of our daily life as normalizing, internalizing and losing its effect on real life occasions, which means that anything would go in politics as long as the ones on top can make their sheep believe in their cause. And the sheep are fine with it, as long as it works for them too. And the introduction that is written in bold red letters says: But the struggle to reveal the truth might be the most dangerous battle of all… especially when there are nobody interested in truth…

I haven’t read the book–and will not read it–but I would highly recommend you to read it. It’s a masterpiece, and has a very effective advertisement, if you are interested in these subjects. Enjoy!

PS. Dick, I need a war. You came to the right place, Mr. Creel.

PPS. When somebody is on fire, nobody–actually–can touch him.

Call me Ishmael*

“The baby, who doesn’t cry, doesn’t get breast [fed]” Turkish proverb

Don’t you love to live in this world: the world of absurdities? The world that is claimed to be reasonable and rational. Everything has a reason to happen, they say. I would say, even if it is so, it is not necessarily the reason that is declared for the happening. And that happening may be ridiculous, declared to be meaningful. Ridiculous it is, don’t deceive yourselves.

And moreover, what I am also talking about is, if a baby cries, they give something for him to play with. Then, the baby cries more and they give him another toy. The baby’s gets slapped by a bigger boy, the baby cries, you go and slap the boy, give the baby another toy to play with. Then when there seems to be nothing… the baby cries, you look around; there are maybe dogs barking outside or thunder strikes, you have to give the baby something. You give something, the baby gets used to taking and anytime something wrong happens, the baby would cry and ask for something. And slap the ones that he doesn’t like or make you slap them. There you go, first rule of pedagogy, don’t let the children to learn to abuse you, otherwise, you would have to repeat what Dr. Frankenstein said: I created a monster.

Yes, you have created a monster. What am I talking about? I am talking about what’s going on In Gaza  nowadays. What the world hears and sees but still lacks the ability to understand. There is no such thing such as self-defense, if you are the one who is attacking! But it is too late now for you, as you have given “as you wish” card to Israel already, so they feel free to massacre. Haven’t they suffered the Holocaust? Yes, therefore, they have every right to massacre whoever they wish to. Why? Because they suffered a lot, they have the right to teach the others, what they went through: torture, discrimination, oppression, everything that they have learned from Hitler. Here, I think Dr. Frankenstein becomes the monster by creating the monster: the father of the monster. Hitler, therefore, turns into a pragmatic value, by pointing fingers to him, Israel today can do anything they want… in the name of self-defense. Because people may be against them.

Now, it’s time to ask what most people cannot dare to ask: what is Israel doing? Oh, but they cannot even think of asking it, let alone to dare, otherwise they would have to answer their own questions such as: what are you doing to minorities [and other people who doesn’t share the same ideas with the hegemony of power] in your country? Then France will have to face Algerians and Moroccons, who suffered under French colonialism big time. Then, United Kingdom would have to face her Indian and Pakistani minority… Turkey–as it is sort of Western–would have to answer quite a number of questions from each and every side of the equation. We can put more questions, but it is not the question, it is the askability of that question: things can be heard as long as there are ears to hear them.

This question will be ignored as long as the Occidental hegemony continues to rule the world and it will go on repressing the others ideas, feelings, observations, concepts, cultures, perceptions, etc. I haven’t even mentioned a word about the USA, no need for that. Even a myopic mole can see what I mean. But, let’s not digress the topic and get into a big picture. In this article, we are going to look at the microsphere of the thing: what’s going on in Gaza? And why nobody wants to do anything?

US Battleship passing through Bosphorus
US Battleship passing through Bosphorus

It was a few months ago, Russia attacked Georgia. The world almost revolted against it. I was in Istanbul by then. The communist youth–the last representatives of an endangered species–hanged banners saying “Yankee Go Home!” on the historical walls of Fortress of Rumeli [Rumeli means the western land]. They didn’t want the US battle ships to pass through beautiful Bosphorus. Alas, they were only romantic frantics who wanted to oppose the Capitalist powers. They weren’t personally interested in what was going on in Georgia, their only concern was the US battleships. So pathetic. I am as much against this idea as I am against what’s going on in Gaza.

Yankee Go Home!
Yankee Go Home!

I have seen those kids, they didn’t even know what they were doing. When I asked them–by chance I was visiting the fortress with two friends from Germany and passing by that tower–what they were doing, because it was quite obvious that they were doing something, as they were entering a forbidden area. One of the boys, who apparently was their leader, said that US battleships were going to pass through Bosphorus and–his tone becomes heroic when he says–they were there to protest it. [Applause]

Endangered communists
Endangered communists

This still is not the topic. In those days the protesters were the same, they were protesting the powerful, who oppressed the powerless and protected the powerful; who protected anybody that had a cash value and did not anybody that hadn’t. The battleships–one after another–entered the Black Sea to protect beloved Georgians.

Today, Israel is attacking a country; no, a people–who are not fighting back. [I am talking about the people who are being killed, not who attacked: these two are not the same people] The US, who didn’t even blink an eye to run for help to Georgia [this sarcasm does not target Georgia or anything related to their situation] is now saying that Israel has the right to defend itself. Defend itself?? From who? How?

Today, Israel reached to a point that it can do as she wishes, with the support–and the means of justification–of the USA on her back. Self-defense has lost its meaning in this context: Israel, thanks to the Holocaust, [this sarcasm is for Israel, who apparently has gone beyond mourning and being sensitive due to past sufferings, and reached to a point of abusing the tolerance and sympathy that has been raised in the entire world for their horrendous experiences in the WWII] has achieved a land [illegitimately] and–now–is torturing, oppressing, discriminating and massacring people of that land [that is to say people who lived there before they have come] regardless of their religion, including Arab-Jews and then justifying it through their sense of insecurity that they had gained, thanks to Hitler [sarcastic pun].

This absurdity: this divine comedy will continue and people like me, who criticize the wrong but powerful, will be labeled to be anti-something. I am not anti-something! I am not against something, I am against the act of wrong doing against people and justifying it through absurd reasoning. We need to defend ourselves from the people, the children, the women, the elderly, who may or may not be a threat to us, but their existence in the world is apparently a threat, therefore, they should not exist.

Consequently, one should accept the fact that the Holocaust turned into a big weapon, a huge excuse for its actions, since Israel has been founded, in the hands of Israeli government. The so-called hate against the Jewish people is what they gain upon, that hate became their capital and they use that capital very effectively. Then while they are having a bloodbath, they look right into the eyes of the rest of the world and they cry and mourn for being hated. The hate becomes their pleasure, the hate becomes love. They want to be hated more, so that they can do as they wish, then they can blame you for hating them, so that you can feel guilty and let them do as they wish. [Ahmadinejad, within this context, is not a funny little man, who denies the Holocaust, he, indeed, becomes a very clever man–as far as I can see–trying to delegitimize the existence and the acts of Israeli government by utilizing the Holocaust. He is trying to make a point, which is at a blind spot that no one actually can see: that doesn’t mean that I agree with what he says, it means that I think, I can see what he is trying to do]

And Obama apparently will not change much of the world, do not expect miracles nor the second coming from him. If he was for real change, he would have stood against this ridiculous reasoning. If he is good enough, he may upturn the economy, which must be regarded as a success.

The invasion of Iraq: a fiasco, looking for WMDs that did not exist at all. The attacks against Lebanon in 2006: for self defense. Today, the attacks against Palestine: for self defense. Excuse me! Three against 1000 is not–in this world–an equasion.

Please, don’t be stupid! Open your eyes!

The one who cries the most is generally the one who enjoys crying.

* The first sentence of Moby Dick by Herman Melville. To understand the metaphor see: Old Testament; Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac