An interesting trio

the trio
the trio

I have come across this photo a few weeks ago, while searching for a photograph of the famous public intellectual, poet, ney player, nomad, traveler, and so on: Neyzen Tevfik Kolaylı, who is an influential character in my life.

The trio in this photograph is interesting because each person is from another dimension of existence. The man on the left is Neyzen Tevfik, who is highly satirical about worldly gains and losses, especially the greed for money. The ancient Greek looking man, Rıza Tevfik Bölükbaşı, in the middle is a philosopher, poet, politician and a Bektaşi [a sufi sect] leader, who is not interested in, like Neyzen, in worldly gains and losses, but in actions, events, ideas and such. The man on the right is Nuri Demirağ, who is one of the first entrepreneurs, industrialists and millionaires of the Turkish Republic. Those three together looks like a mere irony, a scene from Beckett plays or Sartre’s stories, a situation that Kafka or Camus would put together. But this photograph, to my surprise, took place in real life. Then I found out that Demirag was a person, who took seriously ideas and thoughts of people like Neyzen Tevfik and Riza Bolukbasi, meeting intellectuals and thinkers on a regular basis and discussing with them about political and historical issues.

A new concept: Freegan

Freegan, is a portmanteau word that is combined of ‘free’ and ‘vegan’, which means to define a person who is not only sensitive to what s/he eats, but also whatever s/he buys, touches, uses, wears, walks on, watches, etc. That is to say, a freegan is an extremely sensitive person not to get in touch with anything that is environmentally harmful, politically problematic or unhealthy, not animal, atmosphere friendly, not recyclable, etc.

That reminds me of myself 5-6 years ago, tearing off my friends’ credit cards, not consuming, not buying anything that are affiliated with political parties and so on. Finally, I found myself falling out of society and being constantly ridiculed. Another thing is that being a vegan and now freegan, after a while turns out to be a name, a title that is fashionable and cool to wear on. You know, I am a freegan and all, but I still wear a pair of sneakers by a company, which employs poor Asians for five bucks a day in the workshops. Also, I am so cool being a freegan and I am so conscious about the environment and shit like that. Oh, yes, my hair is very cool, thanks. I used the new hair spray that I got from the super organic store. No, I didn’t check if it contained CFCs. I assumed that it was environment friendly, it was sold in that famous organic-natural store.

Anyway, let’s welcome our newest and very noble concept: freeganism. I salute the motivation and aim of this movement. I am a freegan, I will support it until you start to say that you are a freegan, too. That would be the time that I am not a freegan anymore. No, I didn’t know that they were testing the peanut butter that I eat on monkeys. Lucky monkeys, they are.

Be informed and support freegans, become one if you may.

Click here to go to their website.

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