talking tree: everything is possible in social media

The science and technology magazine, EOS, has launched a project in which a tree is connected to the social media (YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and post regularly how it feels and what’s going on around it.

To create a discussion around climate change, the agency is monitoring a tree in Brussels’ Bois de la Cambre park, using devices like a CO2 meter, pH meter, a wind turbine, webcam and thermometer. The data will be processed by custom software and converted into social media-ready communications.

Visit Talking Tree for more information.

interdimensional exhibition: ghost buildings

Nowadays, an exhibition takes place around the city in Istanbul. The exhibition is there but the subjects of the exhibit are inexistent; they are ghosts of the city: the buildings that were demolished either by human hand or by catastrophes.

12 monumental buildings were chosen from different historical eras: Antiochos Palace, Polyeuktos Church, Walls of Galata, Çandarlı Hammam, İncili Mansion, Direklerarası, Sadabad Palace, Taksim Barracks, Old Çırağan Palace, Darülfünun, Monument of Ayastefanos, The Squibb Building.

The project is introduced at Ghost Buildings: History and Destruction in Istanbul website:

The project that is supported by the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency, opens the destructions and reconstructions in the city to discussion through 12 selected buildings. These buildings, that do not exist anymore, are selected from different historical eras of Istanbul considering different destruction causes and they form the framework of the exhibition. After an in depth research about the architectural history of the selected buildings, they will be recreated in computer environment. Following the historical research, the question “what would have happened if these destruction never took place? ” will be the starting point for the creation of different urban scenarios about the buildings.

The first leg of the exhibition opened in Çırağan Palace’s art gallery within the palace, which is Hotel Kempinsky now, last week and Nerdworking designed a multi-touch table that enhanced the experience of the attendants: Touch the Buildings. You may remember Nerdworking from a previous post that depicted a projection mapping spectacle that took place on one side of another monumental building of Istanbul, Haydarpaşa Train Station.

The second leg of the exhibition will be in different parts of the city, mostly where the buildings used to rise, and the central exhibition will be at Taksim Square, where Nerdworking will have interactive walls where the participants can experience the change of those buildings by touching their–virtual–walls.

Old Çırağan Palace installation can be visited between 15 September-18 October 2010 at Çırağan Palace / Other installations can be visited after 15 October 2010!
Ghost Buildings Main Exhibition is between 20 november and 19 december at Taksim Cumhuriyet Gallery!

If you are around in town, don’t miss it: you may not be able to see these ghosts again.