baby carrots: vegetables as junk food

Baby carrots: yes, you know them. Orange, crunchy, yummy and delicious vegetables. Have you ever imagined them as junk food? A Bunch of Carrot Farmers‘ agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, have imagined it and decided to reposition the “baby carrots” like junk food.
Therefore, they have created a strategy which would make baby carrots more appealing to children and younger generation. Within this strategy, the new “junk food like packaging” as well as three extraordinary viral videos (one Magnum like sexy, one science-fiction and one extreme sports) as well as a series of sit-com like adventures of two teen supermarket employees. Moreover, there is an online extreme-xrunching game is coming soon for iPhone.
This endeavor not only creates another segment in the “munchies” segment but also works in benefit of concept placement into the consumers’ mind that healthy food can also be desirable, cool and fun to eat.

Vanksen Agency’s blog reports that they have heard back in August that

Crispin Porter + Bogusky was helping the US carrot industry with a $25 million campaign to make baby carrots cool.

And it looks like they have done it.

innovative marketing: the big mosquito party

A Swedish outdoor equipment store, Playground, has prepared a marketing campaign that involved mosquitos–lots of them. This creative case study is a very smart example of finding the exact right message, which would refer to a target group that is scattered all over the demographics and socialgraphics.