aponia: blow up the boredom

Aponia is an upcoming design brand from Istanbul. They call themselves: the happiest local brand of Istanbul. Aponia has a very pretty store in the most popular neighborhood of Istanbul, Beyoğlu. Their store is located near Galatasaray Square in a historical Hazzopulo Passage.

On the first floor of the store there are their products such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and summer dresses for women as well as vintage shades. They use the second floor as a gallery where there are different local designers exhibit their products that they have especially designed for Aponia. At the moment, there are three designers: Milkyhead, who is a renowned designer who custom paints shoes in her distinct style. She’s already quite famous in Turkey.

Second, there is Deniz Alpay‘s accessories, which are made from magazine pages that she marvelously turns them into earrings and necklaces. Third, Melissa Mey, who is a local painter from Istanbul and she painted a series of tshirts for Aponia. All the products at Aponia Gallery are unique and one of a kind. There are three other designers that will join Aponia Gallery soon. I will issue another blog post when they confirm those designers’ participation.

On the other hand, Aponia’s head designer Fatih Dağlı has designed three art works to be exhibited at Aponia Gallery, which are on sale. The first of these art works has been released in their blog recently.

This piece is titled: Blow Up the Boredom. Read Some Books. This piece is made of hardcover books that are wrapped with tape and installed with red and blue wires and a clock to look like a clock bomb.

At Aponia there is great humorous design, especially on their tshirts, that is fermented with a hint of pessimism. The new collection is called United Atoms of Short Life. And the garments you buy comes with a postcard from Aponia. The postcard says:

all things are composed of, and will eventually disintegrate into atoms.

so take it easy honey

be happy

that’s all chemistry

Here is Aponia’s website (they are renewing the page), Aponia Blog, Facebook Page.

Here is a little stop-motion video for Aponia and their shoe designer, Milkyhead: Milkyhead vs. Aponia:

walk for the trees

DDB China has designed an innovative advertising campaign for China Environmental Protection Foundation. This awareness raising campaign takes place on the pedestrian crossing. The advertisers prepared a very big banner, on which there is a barren tree with its branches  over the pedestrian crossing. They installed sponges that were soaked with green paint on both sides of the street. Therefore, when the pedestrians cross the street, the paint comes off and the tree becomes greener.

Walk more for a greener natural environment. via GOOD